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Become our partner!
We offer several types of cooperation.


Separate carrier or driver

Are you a carrier with a fleet of cars? Or an independent professional taxi driver?
We are looking for new partners to help us secure our clients' orders at a set standard!


B2B Partner

Cooperation ideal for companies, travel agents, organizers...
More orders lower the price. Get an excellent service for your company or clients without any worries. Discounts are going higher automatically! Register your company right now!


Broker partner

Suitable for Reception / Hotels, Bartenders / Clubs and Restaurants.
Register as an intermediary, get a special code for the customer to get a discount and those commissions!


Affiliate partner

Do you have a website? Let them earn and get the opportunity to receive a commission for each order placed through your site!
Orders can be easily in hundreds of euro.

- You will receive from us the banner created for your site.

- You enter a simple code on your site, the banner updates automatically.

- Cash automatically to your account for their payment to any account.

Contact form

Another questions? Please send us an e-mail